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Making the Most of Your Documents

11/11/2016 / in Blog /

Making the Most of Your Documents

I’ve spent years working on ways to make information work for customers. Because of that, one major question I get a lot, even from those who are more tech-savvy friends, is: “How can I be more productive with documents and transform them into different formats that I need it in – like combining a spreadsheet and PowerPoint® presentation and turning it into a PDF?” It sounds like a simple enough question, and it can be a key issue for businesses of all sizes, but for a long time, there was no simple answer. Fortunately, we’ve made some major strides since then.

One such stride is what I like to call a “desktop productivity Swiss Army knife,” – a single software app that can be a game-changer. For example, whether a document you need to be able to access or transform is currently paper or digital, Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you need a tool that can help you turn it into an accessible, and searchable PDF, quickly and easily routing it within your document management system without losing fidelity.

Got a big PowerPoint presentation that you need to send a colleague? You can PDF it and ship it, and it’ll meet your recipient wherever they are. Have a report you’ve been working on, but you’re about to head out on a business trip? Put down that pen – we’ve moved past the days of marking copy up in ink on the train and then retyping the whole thing. The limits on documents that have existed are being done away with – and workers – whether at their desktops or on the road – are better off as a result. Not being able to easily transform documents used to be so frustrating, and new technology has been a total productivity game-changer for me and those who I help in my personal and professional life. Editing PDF forms is also another hassle that workers are all too familiar with and can use new solutions to convert into fillable forms via PDF or Microsoft Word. How many of us have printed a locked PDF, filled it out by hand, only to have to scan and resend it again?

Couple that with the rise of virtual desktops, and now we are truly living in the age of the seamless, location-agnostic work experience. I no longer have to spend the day before a trip running through exhaustive checklists of all of the documents I have to take with me or the calls I have to remember to dial into, because now I have full access to my files – and, thankfully, my calendar alerts – on the road. And I don’t have to spend my days struggling to maximize productivity because of cumbersome document workflow.

We truly are living in an age of wonders. So learn how to make your job – not just some of your work – truly productive.

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