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Document Management and Interoperability

11/27/2016 / in Blog /

Why Making Document Management Part of Your Interoperability Strategy Makes Sense

Interoperability is something many businesses strive for. It makes things easy, concise, and interdisciplinary. Today’s healthcare field is certainly no exception, in fact, it is probably closer to the pinnacle.

According to an HIT Consultant article, 80 Mind Blowing EMR and Meaningful Use Statistics & Trends, approximately each patient seen requires 10-13 pieces of paper. Additionally they note that thousands of tons of paper are consumed by the healthcare industry annually.

Perhaps you see paper as dollar signs, and you are right. Though, there are other dollar signs wasted on paper that don’t require consumption. According to Cvision Tech, “research shows that nearly $14,000 of productivity is lost per worker per year just trying to find the necessary information.” Paper waste is aided by time wasted trying to find those pieces of paper.

Document Management is money well spent, and can increase the strength of Interoperability Strategies - especially in the field of healthcare. Below are five reasons to improve your document management strategy:

1: Data Capture — Document management is data capture. Documents manually inputted take more time and effort than those that are uploaded via data capture technology. Strategies that involve data capture in the EHR are able to be used within minutes versus the hours or days it may take for manual data entry.

2: Progressive Image and Recruitment — A technologically savvy document management system, that is easy to use and makes the job of your employees easier, is enticing to the next physician you may want to hire. This commitment to using technology, such as point of entry data capture, not only entices the next generation of great physicians, it also keeps your business efficient, value based, and focused on quality care.

3: Data exchange creating staff efficiency — Many functions in Human Resources or Financial Services, such as checking insurance eligibility or waiting for an Explanation of Benefits statement, are often times slow moving, and time consuming processes that take valuable time from your employees. Statements that need to be sent or received by mail, checked by phone, or waited for in general can be streamlined using electronic data transfer. These processes are often offer faster retrieval of documents and provide more accurate data than the alternatives.

4: Slash operating expenses — This is not the most groundbreaking discovery of document management, but it is still true. Paying for unnecessary toner, extra phone lines, storage spaces for documents, fax machine breakdowns or just simply time used waiting for documents are a thing of the past. Strategies that utilize digital information reduce these costs and can create a more simple process for your business to conduct day-to-day operations.

5: Strategic Goal Achievement — Documents that are in a system for electronic document management are often able to be reviewed easily. This allows one to identify gaps or opportunities in a variety of aspects such as appropriate workflow, staffing, or even equipment management that can help you use your capital better and improve patient experience.

Do More with Data Management

Data management is more than deciding between paper or electronic. Data management is defined by the need of the business, and healthcare is no exception. In order to comply with laws and regulations, better achieve your strategic goals, and to better fit the needs of your employees and patients data management needs to be taken seriously to make a system that works for you - literally. Whether you are looking for strategies or just have questions, Stratix Systems is here to help you with your data management.

The bottom line: If growing your business, while maintaining compliance and controlling costs, is on your mind, it’s time to talk with Stratix Systems.

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